Evora Evora

Stripes of lilac, buttercup, and cornflower blue encircle the windows of simple whitewashed houses. Glazed urns, embellished with rings of blue daisies and olive leaves flank oak doors. Above terracotta rooftops, princely bell towers of Baroque design, rise and chime the hour with their long resounding tones. The glorious nuances of Portuguese tradition merge with the rich histories of kings and explorers in this enchanting Alentejo city. A stunning 18th century atmosphere is preserved within ancient praças where troubadours roam, singing the evocative love songs of an enduring past.

Memorable Experiences
  • Hidden Green
    Bask in the tranquility of Évora University's Renaissance cloister.
  • A Charming Stroll
    Wander through the Praça do Giraldo and experience the essence of the city.
  • Cinema Nights
    Enjoy European cinema at the Évora International Short Film Festival.
  • An Intriguing Chapel
    Meditate among ancient bones in the 13th century Capela dos Ossos.
  • Distinctive Details
  • An impressive medieval aqueduct structure of grey brick arches stretches for nine kilometers across the northwest of Évora. This engineering marvel, built in 1537, supplied water to the city center.
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Culture Destinations of unique beauty honor a tradition steeped in art and exploration.
  • Highly Recommended
  • Fundação Eugénio de Almeida The lacy strains of a Portuguese guitar float beneath the red brick arches of a modern auditorium.... Read More
  • Évora Cathedral Carved of ivory marble, twelve apostles flank an immense arched doorway. Humbly they pose, with... Read More
  • Roman Temple Fourteen Corinthian columns rise from a stone platform. Fluted shafts of granite lead to remarkably... Read More
  • Local Charms
  • Palacio de Dom Manuel Peacocks stroll across verdant lawns, dragging their feathery trains. Lush trees shade crimson... Read More
Shopping A legacy of unrivaled craftsmanship is revealed in atmospheric village workshops.
  • Day Excursions
  • San Pedro Do Corval Terracotta pots rest upon long boards of raw wood, baking in the heat of an Alentejo sun.... Read More
  • Neighborhoods
  • Arraiolos Heavy woolen yarns unravel, shades of blue merging with olive and rust. Strong, stealth fingers... Read More
  • Rua 5 de Outubro Sunlight glints off the shiny copper pots hanging from the doorway of a tall white house with a... Read More
  • Shops & Boutiques
  • O Pierrot Soft wool blankets of lime, tangerine, and kelly green form colorful stacks. Bountiful wreaths of... Read More
Cuisine Fresh ingredients from the Alentejo’s fields and forests combine in authentic recipes.
  • Acclaimed
  • Divinus Wild herbs plucked from the Alentejo plains infuse meats from the Montado forests. Organic olive... Read More
  • Indigenous Flavors
  • Restaurante Fialho Beneath the dark wooden beams of a slatted ceiling, Alentejo delicacies are masterfully prepared in... Read More
  • Luar de Janeiro Gleaming bottles of vinhos tintos and vinhos broncos recline in wooden display cases like regal... Read More
  • Local Specialty
  • O Antão Cockles marinate in a sauce of coriander and garlic. Simple sides of rice and spinach accompany an... Read More
Noteworthy Enchanting moments arise among atmospheric vineyards, villages, and waterways.
  • Day Excursions
  • Monsaraz Undulating plains cloaked in corn-hued fields and evergreen shrubbery stretch to the horizon. In... Read More
  • Almendres Cromlech Shadows begin to creep across copper earth. As the color of the sky deepens into a brilliant blue,... Read More
  • Highly Recommended
  • Herdade do Esporão Glistening bunches of rich purple grapes hang like precious jewels among the feathery green leaves... Read More
  • Recreation
  • Amieira Marina Calm waters ripple as a boat pulls up to the wide teak dock. A pair of kayakers paddle out toward a... Read More