Kuwait City Kuwait City

The steel and glass structures of magnificent skyscrapers shine in the morning sun. Crowned by the soaring Liberation Tower, this inspiring cityscape rises above the Persian Gulf with enduring grace. Beyond Kuwait City’s impressive surface, the shimmering threads of an ancient heritage weave their way through this dazzling cosmopolitan scene, forming a tapestry that combines modern vitality with a rich, historic legacy. Within sand-hued desert buildings, aged wooden doors lead to atmospheric courtyards where the vivid crimson tones of traditional Sadu rugs cover the floors and the aroma of Arabian coffee permeates the air. One of the most unforgettable destinations in the world, Kuwait City is filled with an array of intriguing contrasts.

Memorable Experiences
  • Great Heights
    Ride a glass elevator to the revolving restaurant at the Kuwait Tower.
  • Divine Architecture
    See modernity and tradition unite in grand mosques of impressive majesty.
  • Local Treasures
    Discover glistening works of gold jewelry and the gems of pearl diving.
  • Authentic Wares
    Find handwoven rugs and camel bags at Sadu House, the core of Bedouin art.
  • Distinctive Details
  • A shiny red jet ski splashes through the surf while a fleet of Lasers skims by in a parade of lilac and fuchsia sails. Along the dazzling Gulf coast, dozens of Sea Clubs offer memorable afternoons in the sun.
The Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts Nearby
  • dynamic_HotelImage Sheraton Kuwait Hotel

    Safat 13060 / Fahd Al-Salem Street P.O. Box 5902 Safat
    Kuwait City, Kuwait
    Phone: (965) 242 2055

Culture Remnants of ancient civilizations mingle with modern technology in exceptional museums.
  • Adventure
  • Dhow Harbour A string of wide wooden boats borders the edge of a pier. Tied together with heavy lines, they bob... Read More
  • Family
  • The Scientific Center Stretches of ivory fabric shade a picturesque seaside promenade lined with Saudi Arabian palms.... Read More
  • Highly Recommended
  • Tareq Rajab Museum Lions and rabbits surround the intriguing form of an ancient bronze incense burner. The shimmering... Read More
Shopping Stunning shopping destinations offer intriguing surprises among radiant boutiques.
  • Shops & Boutiques
  • Al Fanar Diamonds, set into a pair of stunning earrings, sparkle from within a glass display case at... Read More
  • Souk Sharq Beneath the shade of lush palmettos, stately promenades meander along a picturesque marina. They... Read More
  • Marina Mall Grand colonnades stretch across an ivory façade beneath a terracotta roof. Sweeping staircases... Read More
  • The Avenues Plumes of water shoot up from an expansive pool that shimmers with every hue of aqua and sapphire.... Read More
Cuisine International recipes, prepared by skilled chefs, are served in gourmet temples.
  • Acclaimed
  • Maki DT – Burj Jassem Black cod, marinated in miso, sits upon a bed of shittake mushrooms. Avocado mingles with sweet... Read More
  • Riccardo Walnut armchairs upholstered in rich floral brocade surround a grand table set for a sumptuous... Read More
  • Local Specialty
  • Burj Al Hamam Refreshing breezes drift off the crystal blue waters of the Persian Gulf. Upon a vast terrace, jade... Read More
  • The English Tea Lounge A delicate aroma drifts from the graceful spout of a teapot as jasmine blossoms steep alongside a... Read More
Noteworthy Encounters with craft making and camel racing provide a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Day Excursions
  • Failaka Island Above the foundations of ancient, crumbling walls, Ionic columns rise up against a cerulean sky.... Read More
  • Highly Recommended
  • Kuwait Towers Shades of turquoise, cobalt, and aquamarine cover fifty thousand plates of steel. They blanket a... Read More
  • Recreation
  • Al Atraf Camel Racing Club A sense of excitement ripples through the crowd as jockeys line up their camels behind the gate.... Read More
  • Bayt Lothan Arts and Crafts The whir of sewing machines fills the air as a group of women piece together strips of soft cotton.... Read More