Venice Venice

A city of enchantment, where every glance inspires poetry, and the silence of evening, validates that deserved title, La Serenissima. A visit to Venice is a series of magical encounters that become unforgettable moments, a stroll through Piazza San Marco at night, a slow meander through quiet canals. Beyond all this beauty lies an incredible depth and vast history where culture and loyalty reigned. Within hidden chambers Doges once trod, and masked revelers waltzed, artists and artisans devised objects of enduring value. Lovers of elegance and timelessness, continue to flock here today, to be inspired by all that surrounds them. This fabled city is where secrets from time past reveal themselves with each step.

Memorable Experiences
  • A Gracious Arrival
    Ride a water taxi across the lagoon to arrive in grand style.
  • A Delightful Treat
    Savor a delectable scoop of gelato on a hidden bridge in summer.
  • Without a Map
    Wander an uncharted path through mysterious alleyways.
  • Miraculous Treasures
    Discover rare books and antiques at the Little Market of Miracles.
  • Distinctive Details
  • Legend has it a mermaid spun a veil of sea foam for a fisherman's bride. The girls on the island of Burano set out to make their own, and a tradition of lace making was born that continues to this day.
The Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts Nearby
  • dynamic_HotelImage The Gritti Palace

    Campo Santa Maria del Giglio
    Venice, Italy
    Phone: (39)(041) 794611

  • dynamic_HotelImage Hotel Danieli

    Castello 4196
    Venice, Italy
    Phone: (39)(041) 522 6480

Culture Flamboyance and charm resonate through iconic structures where greatness persists.
  • Highly Recommended
  • The Peggy Guggenheim Collection A row of lion's heads, cut from Istrian stone like the rest of the long, white facade, gaze down... Read More
  • Fondazione Giorgio Cini Quiet cloisters, where Benedictine monks once dwelled, are surrounded by architectural jewels of... Read More
  • Local Charms
  • The Palazzo Fortuny Museum Rich, glistening brocades line the vast, mysterious rooms of this 13th century palace. Once the... Read More
Shopping A tradition of excellence in design, apparent in exquisite boutiques and markets.
  • Neighborhoods
  • Rialto Market From enticing thick stalks of white asparagus in spring to alluring and pungent porcinis in... Read More
  • Shops & Boutiques
  • Venini On the island of Murano, within an ancient, canal-side building painted dusty red, vases are... Read More
  • Mondonovo Maschere Within its magical interior, a regal Pharaoh mask hangs alongside beguiling harlequins and... Read More
  • Nardi A Venetian Moor, his golden turban intricately carved, sparkles with rare pink and blue gems. The... Read More
Cuisine An event as well as a meal, custom and culinary expertise meet at the Venetian table.
  • Acclaimed
  • Enoteca Al Volto Exotic, enticing names like Verbesco, St. Magdalener, and Minervois, emerge from the whimsical... Read More
  • Trattoria Da Fiore Within the warm confines of a wood-beamed dining room, the Boschiani family serves the most... Read More
  • Local Specialty
  • Caffé Florian With its interior of unrivaled elegance, intimate conversations unravel among red velvet and muted... Read More
  • Harry's Bar Prosecco combines with sweet, white peach juice to form a cocktail of tantalizing proportions: the... Read More
Noteworthy Local enchantments beckon while sandy shores and grappa tastings allure nearby.
  • Day Excursions
  • The Lido "A shore more barren than its billows" is how Percy Bysshe Shelley affectionately described the... Read More
  • Ditta Bortolo Nardini Aged for three years in barrels of Slavonian oak, the prestigious Acquavite Riserva is this grappa... Read More
  • Highly Recommended
  • Palazzo Mocenigo A delicate blue and white Murano chandelier hangs in the Red Hall of the Palazzo Mocenigo,... Read More
  • Shops & Boutiques
  • Ottico Carraro Amber or ice, tortoise or the wonderfully speckled tiger, are but four guises of the iconic "W2"... Read More