Mykonos Mykonos

Warm breezes drift off the calm sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea. They caress sugar cube houses with blue and red shutters, swirl around the domes of hilltop churches, and mingle with the wheels of thatched windmills that look out toward an enchanting horizon. In the gentle rustle of a bougainvillea blossom or the sway of a majestic palm frond, whispers of an ancient history arise. The setting for the legendary battle between Zeus and Typhon, Mykonos has braved the odyssey of an extraordinary past, emerging in the 20th century as one of the most emblematic seaside destinations in the world. Touches of jet-set glitterati sparkle amid Mykonos' timeless fishing villages, marrying modern charms with the stoic values of an enduring maritime heritage.

Memorable Experiences
  • Aegean Adventure
    Captain a boat and explore the unspoiled shoreline of Renia Island.
  • Romantic Touches
    Watch the sunset from a seafront table at Caprice Bar in Little Venice.
  • Enchanting Village
    Wander through the magical stone alleys of Mykonos' old town.
  • Emblematic Walks
    Stroll among iconic 16th century windmills perched on a hill above the bay.
  • Distinctive Details
  • Set within fields and villages, over three hundred churches cover the island of Mykonos. Often constructed by mariners saved from a storm, many are dedicated to St. Nikolaos, the patron saint of seafarers.
The Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts Nearby
Culture Intriguing details of Greece's classical history emerge in authentic abodes.
  • Highly Recommended
  • The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos An immense horse adorns the tall neck of an ancient ceramic vessel known as a pithos. Rising nearly... Read More
  • Panagia Paraportiani A path of dusty flagstone leads up a hill, past crumbling rock walls, to a dazzling, gleaming white... Read More
  • Local Charms
  • Mykonos Folklore Museum Beyond the ruby red door of a whitewashed house, the sea-worn sails of old wooden ships hang from... Read More
  • The Monastery of Panagia Tourliani A trinity of bells rings from above a square marble façade where bearded men in long black robes... Read More
Shopping A dedication to craft flourishes in local workshops and vibrant boutiques.
  • Local Charms
  • Minas Studio A trio of flagstone steps leads through a colonnaded entry, past an oak-framed door into this haven... Read More
  • Shops & Boutiques
  • Lakis Gavalas Pink pavé diamonds and lustrous emeralds of Shamballa bracelets glisten while the sophisticated... Read More
  • Tsirikaua On the upper level of an authentic Mykonos house, surrounded by the tools of an expert craftsman,... Read More
  • Scala Gallery Thin strands of pearlescent glass beads shimmer with hues of pale lilac. Aquamarine orbs dangle... Read More
Cuisine Savor Aegean specialties in intimate and breathtaking seaside settings.
  • Acclaimed
  • Marine Club Restaurant & Bar The azure waters of Ornos Bay glimmer with hues of blue and green as the light of day recedes in... Read More
  • Gola Streams of water pour into a serene swimming pool surrounded by fragrant wisps of thyme and stoic... Read More
  • Indigenous Flavors
  • Philippi Paper lanterns glow among a canopy of wispy branches. Delicate tendrils of flowering vines dangle... Read More
  • Mamacas Tzatziki, feta cheese, aubergines, fava beans, all alluring staples of a Greek mezze plate, are... Read More
Noteworthy From temple ruins to underwater shipwrecks, Mykonos offers extraordinary exploration.
  • Adventure
  • Scuba Diving Sunlight filters through the ocean surface illuminating red coral, orange starfish, and the soft,... Read More
  • Day Excursions
  • Delos Island White lions, carved in stone, sit regally among crumbling walls and arid desert wildflowers. For... Read More
  • Local Charms
  • Astra Bar Tiny lights twinkle like stars from an onyx ceiling. Like diamonds, they glisten above the gleaming... Read More
  • Recreation
  • Agios Sostis Beach From garden tavernas shrouded by the gnarled branches of ancient olive trees, rustic footpaths lead... Read More